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Bressay WTW Upgrade

Location: Between Lerwick and Bressay, Shetland
Client: Scottish Water Solutions
Value: £260,000
Start Date: Jan 2010
Duration: 5 Months

Completed works comprised the upgrading of the water treatment works (WTW)  in Bressay, Shetland. The Scheme involved the maining out the island of Bressay, via 2600m of 180mm HPPE  mains and 420m of 125mm HPPE  subsea pipeline sleeved in ductile iron protectors, with treated water from Sandy Loch WTW in Lerwick via the existing storage tank sited at South Staney Hill. Finally the installation of 5000m of 125mm HPPE through Bressay to Bressay WTW.