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Construction/Civil Engineering

Shetland’s climate can present a formidable challenge to the unwary, but the Civil Engineering division has the experience and knowledge to tackle a wide range of projects.

Garriock Bros. Ltd. undertakes civil engineering and contract works up to £5M in value, tackling everything from surfacing work, road building , highways maintenance and large ground works, to underground service provision, building and housing maintenance, landscaping and erection of steel clad buildings.

Works completed in recent years include a £5M contract to build a waste management facility at Gremista, near Lerwick for Shetland Islands Council and a £4M contract to build a helicopter hanger at Scatsta Airport for SLAP.

Current projects include the construction of buildings for a salmon hatchery in Girlsta and building works for a new hotel in Brae.

The following are photos of works undertaken:

Large Ground Works

Underground Services

Road Building and Maintenance

Fencing and Landscaping


Steel Clad Buildings